Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tanda Putera Full Movie 2012

vecasts|Tanda Putera Full Movie 2012

A historical film based on true events in Malaysia. It recounts the close friendship between the second Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak and his second-in-command, Tun Dr Ismail who are forced to put their personal issues aside and concentrate on restoring the country after the tragedy of 13 May 1969. Tun Razak, who is suffering from leukaemia, hides his illness from his family because he did not want them to be burdened, as well as for the sake of the country. He shares a doctor with Tun Dr Ismail, and the two are treated in the latter's study room by Dr Macpherson in secret. Despite knowing that he will die within two years, Tun Razak is thankful for Tun Dr Ismail, his most trusted, who promised to continue his legacy of rebuilding the country after his death as well as look after his family. But when an unexpected incident strikes that also causes his health to take a turn for the worse, Tun Razak is forced into a race against time to carry out his plans..
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